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Q1. What does "IAP" stand for?#

  • "IAP" is the abbreviation for Appmate's In-App Purchasing feature.

Q2. What do customers need to complete in-app purchases?#

  • Have a App Mate account
  • Have a Google Play Developer account
  • Have a Huawei Developer account
  • Have a Apple Developer account

Q3: How do I create an Appmate account?#

Q4: I forgot my app mate username and password, what can I do?#

Q5: Which eligible items must use the In-App purchasing API?#

  • For selling any digital goods and services, your app must use the Appmate In-App Purchasing API. In-App Purchases can be in the form of the following:
  • Consumable Purchases: Such as extra lives, extra levels, or in-game currency.
  • Premium Purchases: Such as ad-free versions of your app. They typically do not expire.
  • Subscription Purchases: Such as music streaming, magazine and cloud storage.

Q6: Does the IAP API provide any protection against users accidentally repeating purchases?#

  • IAP API does not offer this functionality. However, customers can protect themselves from accidental repeating purchases by using parental controls.

Q7: How should I test my IAP-integrated app?#

Q8: Do I need a credit card to get started?#

  • Nope! You can start using Appmate with your app on the Free plan without a credit card.

Q9: Does Appmate pay me?#

  • No, RevenueCat is not a payment processor. You'll continue to be paid by Huawei, Google or Apple.

Q10: Can I manage products remotely?#

  • Yes, select your application in Appmate Console, then you can make changes from the product page in the left navigation menu.